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    Hello, and welcome to K2 Advertising.

    We're pleased you chose to learn a little about us. In our simplest form, we're a strategic marketing solutions company. In our broadest form, we're a company that builds solid foundations on which businesses grow and thrive.

    Our team stays focused on the key business-building areas of branding, graphic design, and marketing and media consulting. And while we've worked with companies from mom-and-pops to huge corporations, at K2 it's the small- to medium-size businesses that seem to make the best marketing partners.

    Your business has already enjoyed success. If you're looking for the right marketing team to join you and climb the next mountain, you may have found them. Give us a call, or a quick email. We'd like to meet you.

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    You've worked hard, really hard, and built a successful company. You know marketing can get you to the "next level." But how?

    A business can't grow without strong resources in key strategic areas, which is precisely why our team offers distinctive specialties in critical marketing disciplines:

    Brand Identity

    Your brand is your company's face to the consumer. It's a direct reflection of not just who you are, but how you wish to be perceived. Your brand delivers an expectation, and creates competitive separation. Manifested in every aspect of your communications, from logo to packaging to website to collateral, knowing how to peel back the layers and expose your brand's true soul is not an easy task. But it's one our clients expect.

    Brand Strategy

    A distinctive, compelling brand identity is the foundation for creating your brand strategy. What should you be communicating? To whom? Through what media or channels? When and how often? And, of course, how much? These are questions we ask, and answer, every day for our clients, as brand strategists.

    Marketing Consulting

    More often than not, our front-line value is one of marketing counsel. In this role we work closely with our clients to develop a keen understanding of each situation and challenge. The result: a strategic blueprint for developing actionable programs that lead to business-building foundations.

    Graphic Design

    We live in a visual world. We see about 3,000 ads each day. Your brand is not just heard – it's seen. We make certain all your communications, to both internal and external audiences, are not only consistent with your brand identity, they're attractive, memorable and compelling.

    Media Consulting

    A carefully crafted message, based on sound strategic insights, is useless if not heard or seen by the right audience. We know that, just like brands, no two media are alike. Our clients' broadacst, print and online campaigns are finely crafted to deliver against specific objectives. And, they're designed to promote brand synergy across all platforms. It's not easy. But it's what we do.

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